Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hopefully this evening I will be posting pictures of my little fella all dressed up in his Elvis costume, and explaining the steps that went in to making the costume.

Here are a few Halloween costumes of the past.  I always make his costumes.

The Thomas the Tank Engine costume had a working light in front and in back.  It was made mostly with felt.  He loved that costume so much that he wore two years straight, and would have worn it a third year had it not been too small.  The second picture is from last year.  I bought all the materials for that costume at Goodwill for $3.  The afro wig cost us an additional $5, but we needed it desperately, because he was a disco vampire!

His first Halloween he was a space alien.  I took a green hoodie and made it in to a jumper, attached pipe cleaners with pom poms on the ends to make antenna, and painted an all seeing eye on his forehead.  He was only 8 months old, so I took his umbrella stroller and made it into a space ship with poster board, aluminum foil, and battery powered Christmas tree lights.  I wish I could find the digitals of those pictures.

The following year he was a monkey.  This time I turned a brown hoodie into a jumper, attached ears to the hood, and a tail to back.  At that point I was starting to think all our costumes were going to start with clearance hoodies!

Do you make your or your kid's costumes?  Hope you and your little ones have a spooky good time today.

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