Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Little Pumpkin Muffins That Weren't

My son has been begging me to make pumpkin muffins for a few weeks now.  He just recently discovered that he likes sweet pumpkin foods, though he has always liked savory pumpkin foods (go figure).  So I first went to Ina's recipes, and though I found pumpkin cupcakes, I was not able to find a muffin recipe.  Bummer.  So after looking at quite a few recipes and reading reviews, I decided to make this recipe.  Pumpkin cream cheese muffins with a nutty crumb topping sounded like they would cure our cravings!

I cooked them up:

They looked so delicious that I could not wait to rip in to one.  Unfortunately, they were not at all what I was hoping for.  The cream cheese mixture just dispersed in to the muffins as they cooked.  And the taste was just off.  The crumb topping was so freakin delicious that I was picking tops off of muffins all day great.  The rest was a scratch.  I will work on these muffins some more, and when I perfect the recipe, I will let you know.

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