Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pho Sho!

When my husband and I lived in Atlanta, we became quite versed in Vietnamese food.  There are many Vietnamese noodle houses lining Buford Highway, and we tried many of them.  We have also had Phở in Michigan, Kentucky, Alabama, South Carolina, New York, Nevada, and even in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.  Needless to say, we consider ourselves Phở connoisseurs.

Imagine how happy we were when found a place for good Phở here in Indy.  If you haven't visited Egg Roll #1 off of Emerson, you need to go.  It isn't quite Atlanta Phở, but it is the closest we have had since leaving there!

This is a bowl of hot Heavenly goodness. Phở is a great cure all.  It helps with hangovers, as well as seasonal colds and allergies.  I like mine with lots of sriracha.  The accoutrements on the side are bean sprouts, Thai basil, limes, and jalapenos.  You actually add those to the soup.  In Atlanta, there was also cilantro and mint on the accoutrement plate, but we have found that varies by region.

Also, I found this great website for all things Pho, including a state by state directory of Pho restaurants.  I was disappointed to see that Atlanta was not one of the top pho cities, considering we had pho there long before it was cool.

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