Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Little Elvis

I know I am running late getting this done, but here is Marcus in his Elvis costume!

This started with two bags of rhinestones, a yard of white double knit, a yard of red lining, a pair of thrift store white bell bottoms, and a white button up shirt.

We decided that a patriotic themed Elvis was appropriate considering this is an election year.

First, we glued blue rhinestones to the cuffs of the shirt and red rhinestones to the collar.

Next, I created a red, white/clear, and blue design on the outside of the legs of the bell bottoms.

I cut a 18x24 rectangle out of both the white double knit and the red lining.  I folded the edges of the double knit over the lining, and used heat fused tape to bond them together.  This is as easy as putting a piece of tape in between and ironing it.

After this piece looked finished I flipped to the all white side, and spelled out Elvis in clear rhinestones, and then placed a ton of red white and blue rhinestones all over.  I sewed (just a quick whip stitch) the cape to the shirt.

All that was left to do for the actual costume was to make a USA belt, and cut a strip of red lining for a red scarf (I didn't even finish the edges of it).

We had bought an Elvis wig, but it was horrid!  So instead, I used black hair spray for Marcus's hair, and drew on sideburns with a black makeup stick.  I also darkened his eyebrows with the same makeup stick.  Please note that if your child has blonde hair, it is really hard to cover it with black spray.  Every time they move little blonde hairs will pop out.  We ended up doing 3 touch up jobs.

For those who are interested, we decided on Elvis for two reasons: 1. Marcus has become a huge Elvis fan this past year after purchasing the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack for a quarter at a yard sale (that's my kid), and 2. Marcus's grandmother is a HUGE Elvis fan, and she actually told him she would put extra money in his Halloween card if he went as Elvis.  She held true to her promise!

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