Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tofu Tuesday!!!

Just Kidding!!!!!!

Not that I have anything against Tofu. As a matter of fact there are many Asian and Indian dishes that I really enjoy which have tofu in them.

Speaking of ethnic dishes...I have come to realize that there are lots of foods that I have tried that most people reading my blog have not. For instance, how many of you have sat down to a meal at a nice little Ethiopian restaurant? When we lived in Detroit they had a really good restaurant for that there. How about Moroccan food? In Atlanta there is a great place called the Imperial Fez, serving wonderful Moroccan dishes, but there was also a place in Birmingham, Michigan next to the law firm where I worked that had great Moroccan food. Shoofly Mama was talking about craving good Chinese food like you would find in NYC. I have to agree that you just can't find that kind of Chinese food here. I have heard that there is a really good Chinese restaurant on Daniel's Island that serves dim sum. Does anyone know about that?

It saddens me when the best sushi that I have had since moving here has been from the grocery store. The fish at the sushi bars here always seems kinda fishy. There is good Vietnamese food here and Cambodian food as well. If anyone ever wants to try something new, we can definitely go have Vietnamese food together, and I will teach you all about it.

See, where Dan and I lived in Atlanta was very close to Buford Highway. What is Buford Highway known for? It is a cultural melting pot that some Food Network chefs say even rivals NYC. I am open to just about anything when it comes to food, so we tried all sorts of things when we lived there. Vietnamese food is the next big Asian cuisine, so if you want to be ahead of the crowd, stick with me.

I would like to know what your biggest food adventures have been? Did you try alligator one time when you were in New Orleans? Is Buffalo as crazy as you can get with wild game? Does the thought of eating SPAM frighten you? Did you get drunk and eat the worm? I want to know. Look for me to compile a list of the strangest things I have eaten in the next few days.

Until then, happy cooking and eating!


  1. Have you been to Tsunami on East Bay. By far the best sushi in Charleston. Whenever we had a date night, we usually ended up there.

    I have tried some "un"savory foods in my day. My least favorite would have to be the "cuy" in Ecuador. They wouldn't tell me what it was until I was finished. It was, and I'm not kidding here, guinea pig.

    We used to go to a restaurant in NJ where they served Kangaroo and rattlesnake bites, and bison burgers. Bison is very gamey for my taste, but the kangaroo, unbelievebly, was not too bad...
    I might try Vietnamese the next time we go out. I LOVE Moroccan, don't know if there's any good in Charleston.

    If you want good Cuban, talk to Jennifer. She can hook you up.

  2. Squid on a stick while in Japan. Not my thing.

  3. Alligator bites in a bar here in Charleston, frog legs in Wisconsin and probably monkey and a few other things I don't really want to talk about in the Philippine Islands. AAACCCCKKKKK!