Monday, August 18, 2008

To Brand or not to Brand that is the Question..

So, as I am sure some of you can imagine since I got serious about this whole cookbook thing, groceries have gotten much more expensive around our house. This got me thinking about ways that we can save money on groceries. One great way is to buy the store brand. Well, in deciding to do that I realized that there are just some products where the store brand won't do.

So here is my list of products that have to be a particular brand, and what the brand is:

Mayonnaise must be Blue Plate
Sour Cream must be Daisy
Eggs must be Egglands Best (I can taste a huge difference)
Sugar has to be Dixie Crystals
Flour and Cornmeal must be White Lily
Tea has to be Luzianne here (But when we lived closed to Louisiana, we drank Community brand and it makes the best tea ever!!!)

I think pretty much everything else we can do store brand on. Although I do have a problem with ground beef sold in chubs. Those just scare me.

So, I want to hear what products you have to have a specific brand on, and why.

I would also like to hear if there is a food that you are particularly craving lately, especially if it is a weird food.

Til next time...


  1. Mayonnaise MUST BE DUKES (no sugar in it - diabetic friendly)
    Sour cream can be store brand
    Flour must be Red Band....just cause I said so....
    Do not like store brand canned vegies and fruit. Lots of stems and such....yuchy.

    For some reason I am craving seafood.

  2. I second the seafood. Crabcakes sound delicious!

    Although homemade spaghetti and meatballs sound quite yummy too.

    An almond flavored cake something sounds sooo good too.

    Although I have endless cravings as of late, I'm probaby the wrong (or right I guess) person to ask this too.

    Oooh, or a really good grilled club sandwich with a honey mustard sauce to dip it in!

  3. Blue Plate mayonnaise
    White lily four and corn meal
    Daisy is good sour cream, but we eat store brand if daisy is not on sale
    My mama always bought Tetley tea, so I do too
    I think we do store brand on most things.
    Walmart has really good store brand ice cream, at least the flavors we buy.
    I would really like some chicken francais.

  4. I'm gonna' divert to the Hellman's side here, the Reduced Fat kind.

    Ketchup MUST be Heinz.

    Will NOT eat canned veggies, they have to be fresh or frozen, unless in soups, then they must be brand name, not store brand.

    I'm craving good Chinese Food, the kind you can't get outside of New York or New Jersey. I know, I'm kind of out of luck.... Maybe I'll settle for sushi.

    Love the blog. You now have 4 regulars!