Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why a Wanna Be Ina?

I purchased my first Barefoot Contessa cookbook way back in 1999.  I was a 21 year old single gal out living life and taking on the world.  I had a good job, I had my own apartment, I had a car, and I was partying it up until the wee hours all weekend long.

I was already well on my way to building a nice cookbook collection (I now have hundreds).  This cookbook was different though.  It had tons of bright pictures, and the recipes weren’t so complicated.  Even though I lived out in the sticks, it was easy for me to find most of the ingredients in most of the recipes.  I was hooked!

Later that year I met my husband, my Jeffrey if you will.  On our second date I cooked for him.  That was it for him.  We were inseparable.  Ina hooked Jeffrey with brownies, I hooked my Mr. Right with Chicken Parmesan.  But…there is a good lesson there.  Food can get you what you want (I typed that with a devious little smile on my face).

Ina and I both understand a few simple things.  Entertaining shouldn’t be daunting.  Comfort food is great for entertaining.  Forget expensive cuts of meat served with three different sauces, and horseradish potatoes stuffed into bell peppers along with a salad filled with vegetables that your guests have never seen or heard of before.  That is not the way to entertain.  A small group of friends in close quarters eating simple veggies and amazing macaroni and cheese, that is a good time.  You should be able to enjoy your guests when you entertain, and not be a slave to the kitchen!  Sometimes a good glass of wine and conversation with a good friend, are better than an evening out at a fancy restaurant.

It is important to take the time to cook for people on occasion to let them know that you care.  A pot of chicken soup for an ill friend, dinner for a family with a new baby, or making your spouse a meal to look forward to every week, all of these let the people you are cooking for know that they are important to you.

Back to the question at hand.  Why do I consider myself a Wanna Be Ina?  Ina is living my dream life.  She is surrounded by amazing friends, she has a devoted husband, and she writes recipes for a living.  What more could a girl ask for?

****Please note that all posts prior to this one are from my previous blog, but I thought that my fans and friends deserved to still be able to get to those posts.****

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